2013 Big East Tournament View From The Dove Men+Care Suite At Madison Square Garden


With Dove Men+Care being an official partner of the NCAA, their suite was used during the 3rd day of the 2013 Big East basketball tournament held inside Madison Square Garden to debut the new commercial staring basketball telecaster Jay Bilas and Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat.

Watching what is said to be the last Big East tournament in a private suite inside of at THE Garden is an experience unto itself capped off by the start a decent ad campaign. The picture of John Starks dunking on Michael Jordan in the bathroom of this suite in Madison Square Garden is a nice touch.

A huge thanks goes out to the people at Matter Inc & Dove Men+Care for the hospitality.








Running The Rat Race

The previous 7 days starting last Thursday to now has been a busy one full of things you readers would like not to read about or see pictures of so this second ever blog post will recap the interesting PEOPLE, PLACES, & THINGS from the last few days to be covered in depth later on.

Enjoy the pictures because I enjoyed taking them & really enjoy living the life.






Joe Budden Performing ‘NBA’ Off No Love Lost At The Apple Store In SoHo

Joe Budden was a recent participant in the Meet The Musician series held at Apple Stores where artists come to perform cuts off their latest projects.

I have such an internal dilemma not spelling his name as “Buddens” but maybe it’s a Jersey thing.

Shout out to my videographer homie Diallo from Darkwing Productions who shot this video at an NYC Apple Store on Prince St. over in SoHo.

Under Armour Torch Samples

Samples of the Under Armour Torch from 2012.

Two of these colorways were general release while the red/capri pair was originally made for the 2012 Elite 24 basketball tournament but was stripped of the Elite 24 logo on the tongue before making it to stores in limited numbers.


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