How Papoose Made The Hot 97 Summer Jam XX Concert Better


I wasn’t any type of excited about Summer Jam this year, a trend I’ve noticed in the last half decade.

As of now I am not willing to take personal responsibility for that, which leaves the state of hip hop to blame; not so much Hot 97. For the 20th time the station with ‘Blazin Hip-Hop & R&B’ in NYC was held in the Meadowlands in New Jersey with all of the expected artists booked for the main stage like Kendrick Lamar, French Montana, A$AP Rocky, and so on.

If anyone is still unsure on why Papoose was able to perform a song after Kendrick Lamar’s set and before French Montana’s I am going to attempt to make sense of this for you after showing it to you on the chance you don’t even know who Papoose is or what I’m talking about.

T.D.E stands for Top Dawg Entertainment, a company run by Top Dawg which is a name that we will simply say is deep in both coasts in hoods from NY to Cali. T.D.E is affiliated with group Black Hippy which is made up of current acts such as Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, and most important for this story; Kendrick Lamar. After bringing out the A$AP Mob as well as a bunch of T.D.E affiliates on this side of the country to share the stage as he did the first part of his song M.A.A.D. City which was presumed by most to be the end of his set. As the main part of the stage, not the whole thing because there were a couple dozen dudes loitering around for absolutely no reason, begins to clear, one of DJ Camilo’s DJ tags can be heard thru the main speaker system causing confusion with the Hot 97 team but not security. On stages appears Papoose & Ron Browz, working mics in hand, to do ‘Get At Me’ and leave just as fast.

Keep in mind I was watching Summer Jam in the semi-darkness of my bedroom and turned it on towards the end of Kendrick Lamar’s set but got to hear ‘M.A.A.D. City’ in its entirety (the part that Kendrick did anyway). When the stage cleared after the T.D.E hypefest and DJ Camilo’s drop is heard, the live stream showed BOOST Mobile, Pepsi, and Ciroc ads which is to be expected between performances so it was weird for anyone to be rapping after Kendrick Lamar; even more so that it is Brooklyn’s own Papoose. Either way whatever was going on over at the venue on stage still able to be heard. The advertisements fade into video of Papoose on stage in the silver Barkley Hyperposites.

The ‘Free Remy’ shoutout from Papoose to his jailbird wife Remy Ma was accompanied by Pap revealing that Remy is scheduled to be out next year which has me heavily anticipating the Nicki Minaj/Remy Ma passive-agreesive rap lines.

Lastly, I want it understood that I count myself as a big French Montana fan. Rode the wave with him & Max B before many even wanted to be in the water; them Coke Wave tapes easily plays more than, say, his album right now which is why I am not unhappy that time ran out. French had the chance to completely out-secret-performance Pap if he broke Biggavelli out of jail to do ‘Security’ or something like that but there is always Summer Jam XXI. Would have much rather heard ‘Aint Worried Bout Nothin’ instead of ‘Dont Stop’ tho.