My View On The Current #StateOfSneakers


I’m a big fan of Chris Rock standup routines because of the real life ideas that are conveyed thru his comedy. One principal I have been able to apply to my own life for years is the notion that not one person is 100% for anything; an idea that holds a particular truth here. There are good and bad sides to the current state of sneakerdom so my thoughts might be
understood easier if broken up.

Most obvious is the sneaker selection in stores today compared to 10 years ago.

A decade ago, there was only 12 Retro releases from Jordan Brand; which was more than enough to satisfy the growing legion of sneakerheads. 2003 saw the ‘White Cement’ Jordan III hit stores again for $100 flat, the Black/Carolina Jordan XII was the first pair to be sold strictly online, and three pairs of the original Air Jordan with a cut-down collar and given the patent leather treatment.

Some rave about the frequency of releases and how that has tainted the game, but last time I checked games can both be won and lost. With more footwear options then ever it seems to me like everyone interested wins.


With so many releases, one would think these days it would be much easier to be unique & standout by wearing a different pair of sneakers than the next man when, in fact, quite the opposite is happening.


All of this talk isn’t going unnoticed by all the major brands however, so do not be too surprised when changes are made to how things are done in the near future. But that will come at a time where the current state of sneakers will be missed and the talk of the internet will be about how great 2013 was for the culture.

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