Emmanuel Mudiay Interview At 2015 Elite 24 Practice

The Under Armour Elite 24 high school basketball tournament celebrated its 10th year in existence recently. Held in New York City for the third straight year, the weekend has a very All-Star Weekend feel to it featuring a slam dunk contest, three-point shootout, and exhibition game that features 24 of the country’s best HS hoop talent.

During their first practice at Xavier High School in Manhattan, <strong>Emmanuel Mudiay</strong> the Denver Nuggets first-round draft pick (7th overall from the 2015 NBA Draft) was in attendance. Taking advantage of the opportunity, I got a chance to speak with him briefly on camera.

Only ever heard about his game.  Since I wasn’t able to attend Elite 24 weekend in 2013, I was not yet as versed in his game as I should be.  As with most of the interviews I do, it was only afterward recording that I learned more about the subject.  Hopefully seeing me not pronounce his name right will have him better prepared for when others make similar mistakes; because it will come.  1st round NBA Draft pick or not.