Sneakers Saved My Life


Sneakers got me here, in every sense of the word.  Not only am I in certain life positions because of the type of footwear that has come to be affectionately known as “kicks”, but I actually get places by walking…with sneakers on.

The path of going from vigorously searching for a pair of Chuck Taylors with flames embossed on the sides & making clearance sneakers seem way more appealing than they are in hopes of not making my parents feel inadequate to sample and Player Exclusive pairs being overnighted to me just because is one I never imagined to be blessed enough to travel.

Strictly off of the strength of sneakers & persistent e-mailing of people way more influential than I, some of the stories I am able to tell about my life since 2011 have been worth hearing.  In a genuine attempt to be as casual & non-bragedocio, some of the more noteworthy tales include making Kevin Hart laugh about how short we both are, filling in for Play doing the foot smack dance in a club with Kid and seeing Kool G Rap & Big Daddy Kane share the same stage between NYC rooftop dour breaks.  All in the name of work with sneakers on my feet.

The odds are very high that the ramblings on this site wouldn’t be read as much if it wasn’t for the sneaker-related work that I do.  I thought about using a different word besides work since it doesn’t feel like it at times, but using anything else would cheapen the what I do which is the opposite of ideal.

 Being the type to sleep (and cut) with socks on, it should go without saying that walking around my domicile with sneakers on my feet is common in my realm.  Maybe it is narcissism to extreme levels, but at least it proves the pairs I wear are for me; not for approval of those more concerned with my lacing technique than name.